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Thumbnail Options

Thumbnail Options Tab

Thumbnails per row Controls the number of thumbnail pictures that will be displayed in each row.
Thumbnails per page Controls the number of thumbnail pictures that will be displayed on a gallery web page. If you choose a number other than All (and have at least that many pictures in the list) multiple gallery web pages will be created and linked together.
Thumbnail spacing Controls the spacing between thumbnails on the gallery web page.
Caption position Controls the location of the caption text (if any) relative to the thumbnail picture.

You can choose 'No captions on thumbs' to turn off the display of the caption text on the gallery pages. The captions will still be shown on the individual picture pages.
Caption text options Font, color, size and style of the picture caption text is setup here. See the advanced feature section for more details about font selection.
Maximum dimensions

Select the size of the thumbnail pictures here. Larger thumbnails are easier to understand but take longer to load when browsing.

For the 'Tiny' size thumbnails the caption and other text (file name, image size and creation date) are not shown on the gallery page (there just is not room). The captions are still shown on the individual pages.

The combination of thumbnails per row, maximum dimension, thumbnail spacing and caption position will determine the overall width of your gallery web pages. Depending on the audience for your web pages, you probably want to keep the overall width to about 800 pixels or less so that users with smaller screens will not have to do a lot of horizontal scrolling.

Border options Border width, bevel width and color can be adjusted with these controls. The border or the bevel can be turned off by selecting the None item in the popup menus. As you make changes to these controls, the thumbnail in the Preview area is redrawn to show the results.
Keep thumb rows the same height Turn on this check box to keep all thumbnail rows the same height regardless of the orientation (portrait vs landscape) of the photos. Turning this off allows the rows to fit the thumbnails (particularly for landscape oriented photos). This sounds sort of complicated, but is easy to see when you try it.
Show link borders on thumbnails Turn on this check box to have a border of the link color drawn around the thumbnail images. This can be useful in allowing the user to track which links have been followed. But it also sometimes detracts from the pictures.
Show file names

Click on this check box to determine whether the picture file name will be displayed along with the thumbnail in the gallery web page and at the top of the picture pages.

It is useful to show file names when the gallery is being used for selection of pictures for another purpose. For instance, when a client is selecting images to be printed.

Show image dimensions Click on this check box to turn on the display of picture dimensions (as it will be displayed in the web page) in pixels.
Show image creation date Click on this check box to turn on the display of picture creation date (typically the date the picture was taken).

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